Important changes in the play modes.

Hi, the pilot!

Recently, we involved a number of changes to the format battle. A new type of fighting, "Arena Group" was added. The mode "team battles" was off temporarily. Why has done temporarily? Well, because they will come back, but in a new guise, with new possibilities, awards and regulations.

For a while, there are three format battle are available: "Arena", "Arena Group" and "Education."

The main difference between the new "Arena" and "Arena Group":

  • — "Arena" is such type of fighting where participates only the same types of ships: only corvettes or frigates and etc, but in the "Arena group" all together.
  • — "Arena" where every man for himself but "Arena group" is the battle where the team to the team. To form the team is required self-balance. It means the newcomers combat unit is distributed into the team that yield strength of another one.

Soon will be bonuses and rewards for taking part in the battles, either. Awards for different types of fights will be different.

Your own comments and suggestions leave in feedbacks, we always read and discuss them together.

2012-02-11 17:24:52

Changing the system of awards and specialty parks.

Good evening, the pilot!

Today on our game server have been important changes which came to several important aspects.

Firstly, we are pleased to inform you that the rest was raised on the accounts of all the game testers:

  • — Experience х10
  • — Silver х5 

Every techno-park of the certain country of origin will get its own specialization. Depending on this, it will be possible or impossible to upgrade the ship by specific type of equipment.


  • Russia — Launchers up to level 5;
  • Ukraine — Kinetic Weapons (Railgun) up to level 5;
  • U.S. — Drones to Level 5;
  • China — Cannon and Mine launchers up to level 5;
  • Informators— Laser jet and Electromagnetic equipment up to level 5.

Any kind of equipment in the game will get its own features and applying condition.

Сollow the news, pilot, and leave reviews

2012-02-06 17:22:32

Scheduled updating the server. Changes and innovations

A lot of people have noticed the updates to the server, which are brought in parts into the game yesterday and today.

A list of all updates:

  • — Having come out a long-expected chat at the dock. In the future it will be slightly redesigned;
  • — The first batch of new products for Corvettes have appeared on store shelves by the categories: Generators, Capacitors and laser weapon. Carefully check the compatibility with the ship before buying;
  • — Chinese corvette Jiaotu, has been improved. He was added the lateral compartment for weapon. Its weight and sig have been reduced, making it more resistant to damage against stronger and more maneuver (flexible) ships;
  • — A new room "Arena" is appeared.. In the manner of deathmatch, where every man for himself.

Keep in touch, the pilot Comments and interesting suggestions leave behind in reviews

2012-02-01 16:21:48

The winner awarding completed

That's the moment has come for everybody. Congratulations to the winner, under the nickname "Pilot", whose proposal relatively  names for the new ships got the maximum number of votes among the management of the project Casus Belli.

Soon on the market will go the ships of Ukrainian origin:

  • "uCo - Volos"
  • "uFr - Sіmargl"
  • "uDe - Dazhbog"
  • "uCr - Hors"
  • "uBc - Perun"
  • "uBs - Viy"

As a prize, the winner got:

  • —100 000 silver;
  • —10 000 experience points;
  • — A unique laser setting for Informator corvette can only be purchased for gold:
  • Лазерная установка предназначена исключительно для установки в Информаторский корвет Vesper

Stay in touch!


2012-01-31 17:06:10

Updating the server. Changes in the battle system.

  First of all, thanks to all the pilots for their help in OBT. Pleased to announce some changes after the update:

  • — Missiles do not detonate on each other, you can escape only with missile defense;
  • — If the anti-missile will overshoot in the center of the mines precisely, it is obligatory to explode it.. Conventional rockets are not able to do this;
  • — If the rocket blows off in the center of mines, its explosive force is able to activate mine;
  • — Now the battle chat has a scroll, thus  the entire log of the fight will be saved.

Update is still proceeding , please report about  errors to the forum or in the "Leave Feedback".

Our plans for the nearest  future:

  • — Chat in the Dock;
  • — To enhance  the range of equipment, notably for Corvettes will be presented  4—5 options engines, rocket launchers, field generators, etc. for all types of ships;
  • — Introduction to the game Ukrainian ships,  by turn Americans. Photos of ships  you can  already see on our social pages!

2012-01-12 16:32:36

Contest for best Ukrainian Title for the ship

  Finally started working another factory by producing space techology. Soon will be available for sale the range of Ukraine vehicles. Meanwhile, the first test of thenew products in space are accomplished. The management  announced a contest for the best Ukrainian ships name.



— Be registered in the game;

UPD: Names must be in English. Exception is Latin (if it sounds)

— Each participant has the right to offer any number of names;

Leave a message for this pattern:

  • "uCo - your version of the name"
  • "uFr - your version of the name"
  • "uDe - your version of the name"
  • "uCr - your version of the name"
  • "uBc - your version of the name"
  • "uBs - your version of the name"

— The names of the ships modal’s range should be united by a common idea;

— The contest  will last for two weeks. From 6 to 20 January 2012.

— January 21 will be announced the results and prizes awarded.

— Write your version in the forum by this issue.


Inspiration to all and good luck!

2012-01-06 14:17:53


 Let’s the New Year will be absolutely awarded for you and successful in all respects! Do not forget to have a look in the dock, the Navy Command of the Earth issued a bonus for your successful battle!

100 000 silvers
10 000 points of experience


Well, there are more surprises! You have the honor to test a new weapon - Railgun! Railgun causes the damage to the field as well as armor at once! To use it, do not forget to capture target! So far Railgun issued for installation in a corvette. In January, the new weapons will be available in the shop for all types of ships.

We won the contest of  playing  the  New Year Wallpaper on the site  MMORPG UA :-) 

Установить на рабочий стол

Click on the picture and set yourself!

2011-12-30 19:23:45

Award For Shmeli

Recently, we have supported the creative literary Event the leading Russian Forum game "Eve-Online". The famous Russian science fiction writer Oleg Divov was referee of this contest. It was quite new for us, and believe me - we were excited about it.

The results summarized, the winner received  promised   award - the completion  $ 100 on account of Steam - digital distribution service from the company Valve. In the battle the strongest wins and this time won the short story "Bumblebees".

Take care of yourself! Successful flight!

Reference to the Competition
Steam service

2011-12-22 18:26:40

Balance the formation of teams

All pilots begin their careers in the game with an entry-level vehicles - Corvettes. During three weeks of open testing in the game already have ships all available levels - yes, yes, there is even battleship! The more different vessels, the greater the need for balance, as Chinese corvette against the cruiser somehow not happy ;-)

How does the balancer? Balancer looks at all the players and tries to equalize the two teams. At the moment, when the queues are not too large, the choice also has limitations. As the number of active pilots, teams will be smoother.

At the end of this week, expect update payroll system experience and money - to live would be fun. But there is not no trick! Somewhat later, will need to repair the ship after the battle! Do not worry, the active development of enough, but what broken models of ships are waiting for us at the dock!

Damaged russian battleship

Pilot! It is only beginning! Go to registration!

2011-12-21 12:35:50

Game server updates

Pilots, thanks for being with us!

Today has been updated server. List updates:

  • — Dock: Shop - new filter for hulls and goods;

Please report errors to "Feedback".

Our plans for the near future:

  • — Chat in the Dock;
  • — Large amount of equipment for all types of ships;
  • — Introduction to the game Ukrainian ships. Photos of ships already can be seen on our social pages!
  • — New battle balance.


2011-12-16 20:35:07

First week OBT

Уважаемые пилоты!   

Вот и подошла к концу первая неделя ОБТ, по итогам которой, можно смело сказать, что мы идем в нужном направлении. Администрация проекта выражает огромную благодарность всем пилотам, которые принимают участие в развитии тактического шутера Casus Belli. Отдельно хочется отметить самых активных участников бета-теста, которые своими силами прошли нелегкий путь до такого класса кораблей как: Эсминец и Крейсер. Это впечатляет и мы не забудем ваших подвигов!

В знак благодарности, всем участника ОБТ было выдано по 50000 кредитов и 6000 опыта. Теперь вы можете проявить фантазию и вооружить выбранный корабль по своему усмотрению!

Теперь о главном, администрация проекта внимательно изучает все ваши идеи и пожелания, оставляемые вами на нашем форуме. Как вы могли заметить, за эту неделю мы внесли массу изменений по улучшению игрового процесса, главные из них:

  • — Добавлены звуковые эффекты в бою;
  • — Увеличился ассортимент дополнительного оборудования: CapaBooster, Lock Amplifer, EMP generator.
  • — Изменения тактического экрана боя. Цветовая дифференциация врагов/союзников;
  • — Исправили возможность входа в игру через логин Facebook;
  • — Опубликовано Руководство пользователя, которое ежедневно обновляется. Еще его можно открыть из дока;
  • — Создана библиотека по кораблям, с первыми обзорами корветов: cCo Jiaotu и iCo Vesper

У нас есть масса идей, которые мы в скором времени воплотим в жизнь. Мы уверены, что многие из вас задаются вопросом, над какими идеями мы планируем работать и что будет реализовано в ближайшее время. Посовещавшись, мы решили немного приоткрыть завесу тайн и огласить вам часть идей:

  • — Будет добавлен чат в доке;
  • — Новичкам при входе в док, необходимо будет пройти пошаговое обучение азам игры;
  • — Существенное расширение базового и дополнительного оборудования;
  • — Будут добавлены фильтры в магазине;
  • — Изменение механики игры.

Благодаря вам, игра становится интереснее скаждым днем! Оставайтесь с нами и приглашайте своих друзей!

До связи, пилот!

2011-12-09 15:55:44


Dear test pilots!

We believe that the Earth will never forget your feat! In these dark times, when the uncertainty became the norm, you were not frightened by a whirlpool of events wresting you from the mundane earthlings life - you rushed right into an unprecedented technology and space darkness, to the new horizons with a belief in cosmic future of the human race.
This is a tough way to go! New technologies do not guarantee an easy walk - human error, equipment failures, compressed production time – this is our reality!

We believe, though, that together we are sure to win through this thorny path!

2011-11-28 20:08:22

Video tutorial: Dock, Laser

Look at Forum

2011-11-23 20:13:04

How to receive premium account for free?

First 1000 brave users who dare to stand up to the menacing aliens will receive premium accounts! Register and be ready to take off!

2011-11-14 20:33:34

Enjoy your last sweet days at home pilot!

Sign up for the star pilots detachment; your commander will be notified ASAP. Once CASUS BELLI starts, we'll let you know. Enjoy your last sweet days at home pilot! And be ready. Over!

2011-11-14 19:19:30
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