Tactical screen

After entering the open Space, the pilots will face a variety of buttons and features. This article deals with the usage of tactical screen:

Tactical display Casus Belli

Navigation menu is located at the bottom of the screen. It shows a technical condition of the ship and equipment availability. If desired, you can activate any equipment by clicking it.

To make your flying skills more effective you need to study all the options of navigation menu during the very first flight::

Navigation menu


Note: Use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out:



Combat chat

To communicate with other players, coordinate military action, develop joint strategy etc. you can use a chat placed in the lower left corner.

Combat chat


Help section

Read the “Help” section content carefully as it contains an important set of key commands and hot keys necessary for every pilot. If needed, you can always open the “Help” section by pressing key: «H»:



Disengagement to the dock, ping, FPS and time

Have a look at the upper right corner to see the info about the quality of Internet connection, FPS and the current server time:

ping and fps bar

The worse your Internet connection is, the higher ping rate (ms) is. The higher FPS you have the softer and smoother your game image will be.


Flight path of the ship

The dotted segments mark the flight path of your ship. To adjust the course click the desired area of game screen by LMB. The numbers indicate the time needed for the ship to get to the next path point, unless the ship course is changed.

As you can see, the distance between points increases with the time left the same (5, 10, 15 ... seconds). This is because the ship accelerates; the higher is the space ship speed, the longer distance it can cover during the indicated time periods.

way direction

If you decide to stop the ship, its stand will be marked by red cross icon.


Hot keys to control the ship:

  • W – engine start and acceleration in the direction of the ship movement;
  • S – engine stop;
  • Space – stop the ship;
  • Q и E – turn the ship clockwise or counter clockwise with the next start of engines;
  • A и D – turn the ship clockwise or counter clockwise with the next stop of engines.


Shield, armor and ship structure

Each ship has its own parameters of shield, armor and structure. The higher is the ship class, the higher parameters it has. In battle, they are displayed by coloured stripes under the pilot’s name:

Vital signs


  • Shield — is a protective field of the ship that can be recovered during the battle. The recovery rate can be increased by setting the improved shield. You can buy it in the shop.
  • Armor — is a modified protective layer designed to protect the structural integrity of the ship.
  • Structure — is actually the hull. If damaged, space ship structure will break up and must be repaired. The pilot remains alive till the structure of his ship has points.


Combat zone and borders

The borders of training area are indicated by red colour. If staying in this safe area, the pilot is not exposed to the risk of crash in high-radiation zone:



When the ship is about to cross the borders of safe area, on-board computer will warn you of the danger:



If you ignore the warning or do not change the course in time, you ship will enter the zone of high radiation. Your ship structure will sustain damage every few seconds till you come back to the safe zone:


Staying in the high-radiation zone for a long time, you risk of dying infamous.


Indicators of ship performance

All the main indicators of ship performance and combat efficiency are displayed in the separate block of navigation menu:

State of the ship


The main processing unit ( computer) The main processing unit ( computer)
Sensor Sensor
Generator Generator
Cruise Engine Cruise Engine
Maneuvering engine Maneuvering engine
Link Link

When taking part in battles on the training areas you should monitor these indicators as any damage inflicted to your ship can bring it out of operation. Critical damage can lead to its complete failure.

If the damage has occurred and indicators show it, the pilot should concentrate all efforts on preserving the ships safety and wait for devices to recover, to continue using all ship resources at maximum.