Pilot station guide on the Earth orbit

Pilot, here you can find all the information needed to adapt to the “Casus Belli” game world conditions and to obtain knowledge necessary for the game.



Each recruit begins its journey through the boundless expanses of Universe from the own dock. On the pilot station you can find necessary information on ships, skills, crew, equipment etc.

Have a look at the main components of your station:

Pilot station on the Earth orbit

And now let's examine the main station parts more precisely


1. The number of ships

To prepare defenders of our planet, the world's authorities decided to grant every beginner with a spaceship that will lead its owner to glory. Having accumulated sufficient funds and experience you can buy new, more technically advanced spaceships that will be displayed in this field:

Available ships

You can keep up to seven spaceships. If necessary you can increase the maximum number of places in the garage in exchange of gold


2. Statistics and players' rating

By clicking the “Statistics” menu, you can see the general table of pilot achievements such as number of killed enemies, total experience, total number of fights, and much more:

Statistics of battle


In addition to the General statistics, this menu allows to see «Top players», and even set the filter criteria you are interested in

Player Rankings


2.1. The Store. Purchase and sell of equipment

In our store you can buy everything you need for a full-fledged dominance on the battlefield! The wideness of choice allows purchasing any type of spaceship or weapon.

Before making a purchase you need to examine the desired module carefully, especially for its compatibility with the pilot’s ship.

Filter settings of the store can be set according to the class or model of a spaceship, and help to avoid unnecessary purchases:

Shop game


Note: Each piece of equipment has its description and characteristics. Study them carefully before making a purchase:

Detailed description

In the detailed description, you can get information about the required module, the number of issued and used units, spaceship compatibility and prices. All the acquired equipment is stored in a warehouse, and can be sold if necessary, just by ticking the corresponding check-box.


To sell outdated or unnecessary items you need to tick the box «In the warehouse».

In stock


Then you need to select unnecessary unit and click the “Sell” button:

Sale of Equipment


2.2. Configuration

Using the configurator you can install or replace different modules, weapons or additional equipment. You can also move the cargo from the ship's hold to the warehouse of the station.

Note: Pay particular attention to the spaceship kitting to avoid the overload of equipment as shown below:

Flight access denied. Overload equipment.

In case it happened, you need to remove unnecessary equipment or change your generator for the one with higher capacity!


If the spaceship is not fully equipped and at least one of the main equipment parts is missing, you'll see it in configuration table:

Flight access denied. Missing equipment.


If you do not equip a spaceship with proper equipment you'll get one of the two error messages when leaving the station:

Flight access denied. Missing equipment.

To resolve this problem, you need to install missing equipment.


Flight access denied. Overload equipment

To resolve the problem of equipment overload, you need to reduce the mass of equipment that causes overload.


3. "To space" button

Not to become an easy target when entering the game arena, please check your arming, ammo and installed modules. Then click the “Go to Space” button:

To space


4. The number of players online and engaged in battle

In the indicated fields you can see the number of players being engaged in space battles and the total number of players being online now:

The number of players online


5. Game currency and experience

Material well-being is very important for each pilot, as it allows to purchase various modules, improve the skills of a ship crew, acquire new skills and abilities.

Experience is necessary for getting access to new modules and spaceships. When the access to a new module is opened, it can be acquired for silver only:

Silver and experience

More information about financial matters can be found in the section Game currency and experience


6. Pilot's name and military rank, spaceship level

At present time pilot's name cannot be changed, so it must be selected responsibly during the process of registration.

Near the pilot's name you can see the block with shoulder strap. When pointing at this strap you'll see the tool-tip with a corresponding military rank

Name and rank of the pilot. Ship level.

This block also displays the level of the ship in numerical value. If the player owns a Corvette, the level of the ship will be marked as “1”, frigate corresponds to the number “2” and so on.

Note: if you place the weapon of a higher level into weapon slot, the spaceship level will also increase! This was done to sustain the force balance of teams in group battles.


7. Communication channels and chat rooms

In the dock you can chat with other players, find new friends and allies for joint missions with the help of communication channels:

Communication channels for speaking with other players

The “General" and "Help" channels are meant for communication between the players at the station. The "Space" channel allows players to engage in dialogue regardless of their location.