Game currency and experience

This section contains important information about game currency, types of experience and the ways to gain them. Game currency and experience are needed for purchasing and investigating new hulls and equipment.


Gold and silver. Methods of earning and application

There are two types of game currency used in Casus Belli: silver and gold. Silver can be earned by carrying out different missions and taking part in space battles.

— Gold can be purchased for real money in “My Profile” section or at pilot station.

Buy gold


— You can also explore the debris left after destruction of the "Hunters" ships, find treasures and sell unnecessary items in the shop!


— Invitations can be another source of earning gold. Go to “My Account” section and choose “Invitations”. Share your link with friends and get 50% of gold your friend will buy in the game.


What’s the use of free and class-specific experience?

As you have guessed, there are two types of experience: free experience and class-specific one. To install an upgraded module to the ship, you need to pilot the space ship of this class for a certain time and gain enough class-specific experience.

When visiting the shop and selecting the desired equipment, you can see the purchase conditions:

Cannon t.Co l2

Use classification schedule for a quick orientation.


Now let’s examine the features and methods of gaining experience:

  • — 10% of total experience gained during the battle turns into free experience. Other 90% of total experience is added to the class-specific experience;
  • — All equipment can be purchased for free and/or class-specific experience;
  • — When investigating new modules, free experience is the last to be used;
  • — Ship hulls and ammo can be purchased for free experience ONLY;


Such a system allows pilots to significantly improve the class of their ships. Soon pilots will be able to turn their class-specific experience into free experience.


What determines the reward?

Experience and silver can be earned by taking part in battles.


The reward is given for:

  • — Target lock-on with a scanner or assistance with target lock-on to allies;
  • — The amount of damage inflicted to the shield, armor and hull. The reward for hull damaging is respectively higher than that for armor and shield;
  • — Each destroyed combat unit;
  • — The difference in ship classes taking part in battle. The higher is the enemy’s ship class, the greater is a reward, and vice versa;
  • — Survival i.e. if your ship is destroyed you won’t get this type of reward


Be careful while taking part in space battles! The damage inflicted to allies or a self-caused damage leads to the fine!