Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

(from Denis): Is this game about people playing versus bots (Solar system vs. Aliens) or about people fighting each other?
Denis, first phase is the short-session game, the point is: players explore the Solar system and train their fighting skills. We'be got a number of ranges for that, where the human team mock fights the team of... humans. ;)
Later, when the player is ready, he will be free to fly from location to location for trading, processing, mining, missions, corporations, etc.
I am new here, what do I do?
Enter the Dock, click the big green button. :)
How do I contact other players?
While in combat, you can see a chat window at the bottom left – use it to coordinate your teams action.
How do I get into the first fight?
Enter the Dock and click that big green button!
How do I earn money and experience in this game?
Money and experience are earned in battle. If your team wins and you are alive and even shot back successfully, a worthy reward will find you!
How can I improve my spaceship?
There is a Shop in the Dock, where you can buy all the different equipment. In order to put the equipment into the craft, go to the Configurator right after the purchase.
Can I lose the ship? Where would I be after my spacecraft is destroyed?
You can't lose the ship: it will be towed along with you to the Dock. You are always able to repair the ship there.
How should I report the bugs in the game?
Please, describe them in our forum.
(from Nicholas): Will there be a ships gradation? To make it clear: cruisers, capable of taking fighters aboard, fighters themselves: light, medium and heavy, and so on.
Nicholas, the craft gradation will be pretty big. Stay tuned.
(from Ilya): Will there be ships produced in Ukraine? :) After all, we are among the only 6 countries that have a completed aerospace cycle today.
Of course! There is some high-quality equipment of Ukrainian origin already.
When I try to start the battle the "Nooooo" button appears. What does this mean?
This means the load on one of the ships vital organs exceeds the allowable limit. While in the Dock, you can see a table with the characteristics of the selected space ship on the right. Make sure all figures have positive values. Combine the equipment properly via Configurator, and you will be able to go into space.
Are the game sounds planned? E.g. notification on successful target lock or on successful shot?
Sure. We are working on those already.
(from Ruslan): What races will there be?
There will sure be Earthmen and some extraterrestrial aggressors. But noone can tell when they will attack...
My friends and I want to play in a single team. How can we do this?
This is not possible at the moment, the distribution of participants works through autobalance, but we will soon add the ability to create some kind of a group. Besides, there will be clans and much more later.
Will one be able to communicate with other players in the Dock?
Positive. We will add the Dock Chat soon.
I clicked "Launch", but then I realized I forgot to change weapons. How can I leave the queue and return to the Dock?
Button for entering the Dock is on the upper-right, above the pilots photo.
I've sold my first ship and bought a new one, but it occured to be empty, and I have no money to buy the equipment for it. What should I do?
We will finish the ships trading system soon, and all the crafts on sale will have a basic equipment configuration. By now, please, DO NOT SELL your old craft.
At the top of the Dock window there are counters: "Battles" and "Online". What are those for?
These counters show the actual number of fights and their participants at this very moment. There will also be a counter for people in the Dock soon. Look forward!
After you click "Launch" you have to wait for opponents. How long one needs to wait and when does the battle start?
Our server starts the battle in 20 seconds, provided the number of willing players is more than 2. If you wait for too long, it's just because you've got no opponents.
Which browser is best for Casus Belli?
Latest versions of Google Chrome or FireFox are recommended for the games correct operation.
 I've collected lots of money and bought a LAZOR! But I don't understand how to use it. Help!
After you purchase and install a laser it is seen as the blue ray in the battle.
1. Move closer to your opponent until they're in the range of your target lock (the smallest circle around your craft).
2. Now lock the opponent as the target.
3. Click on the enemies ship to start the countdown (~11 sec). KEEP THE ENEMY IN THE RANGE.
4. Now that target lock is successful, aim your blue ray on the opponent and the shot will be performed automatically.
5. Cooldown is around 3-4 sec. After that you are ready to fire again.
6. Keep an eye on the capasitor supply for a laser consumes a lot of energy.
Good luck!