Утро собак

Intro. Morning dog.

Morning dog. It was a nasty morning. Grey dawn over the ocean changed insane nervous night. His ears were blocking from the helicopters chatters. Abyss of coffee, trambling hands, the headset would pull out of the ear. Oh,these endless and pointless conversations. Short sleep on folding beds and dreary anxiety that stuck like a stone in my chest.

What do I remember?

I remember dove-colored sunrise over the ocean and unusually quiet, almost toy waves. The hasty departure of our department by emergency call of duty operator. Yet in the machines have been learned it has happend. There is a contact in the vast universe, we are not alone. 

This night, the route were packed with cars in all directions, all civils drove to the verges, on the radio the presenters in hopes of squeezing out something soothing carried hysterical nonsense. The phones are going crazy in this chaos. To call relatives is prohibited. 

Here we are, the equipment deployed, and what to do? is unclear. The Coast Guard helicopters were flying randomly over our heads, raising whirlwinds of sand. The hoarse sergeants in a hurry were unfolding cordon. Everybody turned back with a fear towards the ocean. It was precisely there, on the ocean floor, laid a downed alien missiles.

The State Department kept silent, ufologists from all over the world struggled in hysterics, mad journalists broke off the phone, bloggers daubed Apocalypse by generous brushstrokes, the police cordons at the highway hardly restrained the distraught crowd. Every minute people are getting more and more on the coast. Everything has happened too fast. There was no point to hide the contact. Rumors were spreading at a rate of panic. Radio and television only poured oil on the flames. Headlines on the front pages of special releases hit a backhand: "At night, the military killed the dream of mankind." 

We did away with the alien over Alaska in the early morning at 4.20. He got two our missiles right into maw (belly). It was too late - everyone thought that it was new Russian or Chinese weapon, but the convoluted path and an unbelievable jumpings. Well, then followed crazy messages from Russian, one worse than the other one. As it turned out they had the same panic reigned. The first rocket, they slapped him on the geostationary orbit. All thought of the same... Everyone was scared.Everyone waited for the war.

No one at the top did not raise his damn phone and reassured in time Russian and anxious world. Too long, we were afraid of each other and miss out most anticipated moment in history. If you weigh the expectation of war and waiting for the aliens - the war will outweigh. The whole world felt drowsy alerted in the well-equipped trenches to kept your finger on the nuclear button. And then - as they say: "We did not expect while you cornered. "Only it turned out the other way around: waiting for so long that they forgot why, but they still profit.

Dreams about aliens from outer space at everyone in the blood, but everybody dreams in their own way. The dream of my son Chuck is once,in the evening, on the lawn of the garage at night will land gleaming flying saucer in the morning and he will not go to school. I am honest, so did I.I dreamed about it before. I applied for this work exactly because of a weak hope for a miracle. In college, "Hangar 18" and "Star Trek" I watched to tatters and smudges . Every movie or TV series like."Star Wars", "Firefly," "Farscape" gave hope to me. Each of them is allowed to dream. Well, what kind of a dreamer out of me? The old is hell, so much useless knowledge gathering dust in the attic of a bald head. I kept everything  the fact that they are humanoid, they repeatedly exiled to Earth unmanned spy vehicles, and much more. I have to give every half year subscription for the privacy in a quiet room without windows. We classified a lot of strange things. We are confused themselves who aliens are and which of them we made up ourselves. When the alien poured out the huge bulk out of the subspace on an altitude of 35,000 kilometers. Nobody expected him. It was a weird ship. The huge bulk was like a giant whale. It was impossible to look at. His image was blur and float, clear outlines are invisible. 

It was a shock. It was irrelevance between banal dreams and reality. The tamplate human dream went down the tube. It was smooth approach to the solar system the flock of beautiful silvery missiles and transmission about  peaceful intentions in American English. But this overgrown whale accidentally smashed a dozen military satellites into orbit.

Immediately All commercial flights were canceled in the country immediately. All boards were redirected to Mexico and Canada. A complete ban on the landing, except for domestic flights in the air. Fighters Air Force and National Guard have already patrolled the skies over major cities.

A whisper passed: the emergency alert system EAS was resulted in combat readiness. The president can, within ten minutes, to appeal to the nation and declare war. He's already in a secure bunker rocks Cheyenne, at the NORAD headquarters. Within minutes should be waited for the arrival of Vice-President and his entourage. His E-4A <> - U.S. flying command post was supposed to land on a civilian airfield, 10 miles away. On that day, were dazzled from full of bigwigs in the eyes. Only one i had not seen. 

Launched a tent around a crumpled paper and trash. Portable TVs were turn on in every corner.There was no use to watch them. All channels twisted the same shots taken from different points: huge bulk of an alien floated in the gray sky. The missile implacable flew to him,plunged into his side, he flinched and started  falling... He fell in spurts, like the last bit of strength. He stopped and pick up a little bit of altitude and fell down again. It seemed to me he was trying to drag to the ocean, like the destroyed aircraft to the airfield. Speakers through all channels gabbled ceaseless about the big day in a human history and  mythical prospects and shameful failure of the missile defense program. It was already known that the commander of the space group hastily resigned, but what vary from this?

Alien crashed a mile from the shore and laid on the continental shelf on a depth of 180 meters. A group of duty warships on duty "Polaris" have already been over him, and circled the submarine SSN 776 << >> Hawaii, were just about to come the military rescuers. They have a deep-water apparatus for taking off the submarine crew. People wanted to give us something to help. 

Then the alien began to call for help. He groaned and tossed in the cold depths of the dark and weeped for all ranges. It was impossible to hear it: a weird stringy voice, confusing words, sobs, and roar. Sometimes he was breathless into hysterical cough. Later came the whales. They were a lot. The Coast Guard transferred, they are from all directions, humpbacks, blue whales, sperm whales. Liner had to be withdrawn. There was not the question of lowering descent submersible.

Above the fall of the whales circling in the sky hung useless and helicopters - all of us was unbearably shamed. He cried in their language and, apparently, he died in the unknown depth. The Earth was unnecessarily cruel to him. Crowds of people stood on the shore. We could not afford to help him. Only whales could talk about something to him. Biologists were sitting on the hardware white with astonishment. Only whales were able to talk to him. 

Curiously enough it has come about. I do not want to believe that he went exactly to the whales. Each of us this cold morning believed that he came from distant star depths to the people, the only a rational creature. However he was buried by whales. We felt – he is dying. It’s seemed for a moment, if there is a large fenced yard and shine windows of hospitable house. It is a cold rain and the dogs barking fiercely at the passers-by. He opened the gate and headed for the house sake for the amber light windows and the smell of the firelog He went to warm up, do not you cold and miserable in the rain. He rushed towards the chain dogs. 

And when the sun rose, the whales got thrown on shore. One by one, this damn cold gray morning.

In 2008, humanity was faced to the threat of total destruction. The long-awaited contact with extraterrestrial civilizations put the world on the fringe of death. Morning, August 23, 2008 on the west coast of the United States crashed an alien ship. Alien ship collapsed from geostationary orbit, becoming a major event for all.

Survived alien has a human face and has a supernatural ability. According to his words, the planet of the solar system and planet Earth is doomed to extinction. Beginning exploration of space humanity had signed his own death warrant. Just now, amongst the endless cold of outer space watching us unknown to human beings understanding - Hunters.

At an extraordinary assembly in the UN the governments of the largest countries under take a desperate step to save the world. At a closed meeting of the UN Security Council was decided to set up a committee "Casus Belli" and a majority vote was adopted an amendment to Article 24 of the UN Charter. The first committee coordinator was appointed  Erick Sibeyki. By his leadership, were created five powerful research centers on the creation of the Earth's space fleet.

At an extraordinary assembly in the UN the governments of the largest countries under take a desperate step to save the world. At a closed meeting of the UN Security Council was decided to set up a committee "Casus Belli" and a majority vote was adopted an amendment to Article 24 of the UN Charter. The first committee coordinator was appointed  Erick Sibeyki. By his leadership, were created five powerful research centers on the creation of the Earth's space fleet.

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