Additional equipment for the slots level ii

The key component of every spaceship is its equipment slot. Depending on the class and the manufacturer, ships can have different number of slots.

Afterburner Afterburner
Micro Jump Drive Micro Jump Drive
Cruise Booster Cruise Booster
CapaBooster CapaBooster
Lock Amplifier Lock Amplifier
EMP generator  EMP generator

In this section you’ll get acquainted with existing range of additional equipment for the slots level ll and find out more about their application.

Note: an example we’ve taken the additional equipment available for installation to the slots of spaceship class «Corvette».




This equipment is used for activation of engine afterburner for a short time period. It can increase the spaceship acceleration speed by several times. Afterburners are differentiated by the modifier of reload rate, afterburning period and total mass.

You can buy this type of equipment in the "Engines" section. After the purchase you need to install it to the appropriate slot of the level II:

Buy Afterburner


Go to the "Store", find the "Afterburner" you’ve purchased and install it to the appropriate slot:

Install Afterburner


To activate the Afterburner press Shift + 1, 2, 3… (depending on the slot number) or click the equipment icon:

Afterburner in control panel


All preparations are finished and now you can fly to the Outer Space to test your Afterburner in combat conditions:

Activation afterburner

Afterburner has unlimited opportunities for tactical usage. This kind of additional equipment is perfect for acceleration and dynamic maneuvering among enemy’s missiles.



Micro Jump Drive

This equipment allows to overcome the light speed barrier and make hyperspace jumps for instant spatial movement. Micro jump engines are differentiated by the jump length, time of recharging and capacitor power consumption.

Micro jump engine is one of the most popular additional components that can be installed to the slots level II. What’s the reason for such popularity? The well-timed hyper jump can help you to reach and destroy the enemy’s ship, or save yours from possible failure on the combat arena.

Go to the “Store” and choose the “Engines” section. Find the right type of micro jump engine and buy it:

Micro Jump Drive in shop


If using the standard equipment, the maximum length of hyperspace jump for the “Corvette” spaceship class equals 10 km. This is the longest jump distance among all existing spaceships as the “Corvettes” are the smallest and the lightest ones.

Note: Jump length depends on the capacitor energy. The lower energy is, the less is the distance of hyperspace jump:

Activation Micro Jump Drive


To activate the Micro Jump Engine in battle, press Shift + the corresponding slot number and point out the desired position after jump with the mouse.

Note: We recommend the usage of Micro Jump Engine in combination with capacitor booster, as the energy level after hyperspace jump will decrease to almost zero.



Cruise Booster

This equipment increases the basic capacity of cruise engine. The main disadvantage of cruise modifier is its excess weight. Though this is passive equipment, it is installed to the slots  level II.

Go to the “Shop” and choose “Engines” section. Find the right type of cruise modifier and buy it:

Buy Cruise Booster


If installed to the ship of «Corvette» class, the cruise modifier gives up to 10% boost in engine power. . It is not as energy-demanding as other ship modules, so you can install such equipment to all free slots and get even more power boost as the effect is summed up:

Info: Cruise Booster

As you can see, the total mass of cruise modifier is 97 tons. That’s the thing which makes it unpopular and inefficient.




This equipment is designed for instant capacitor charging during the battle and has a few active charges in stock. Depending on their technological characteristics, capacitor boosters are differentiated by the recharging speed and mass. We recommend using the capacitor booster in every combat flight.

Go to the “Shop” and choose the “Capacitor” section. Find the right type of capacitor booster and buy it:

Buy CapaBooster


Energy is the main spaceship value that is never enough. The charging speed of capacitor (esp. of the 1st level) is too low and can lead to spaceship destruction.

Capacitor booster allows injecting the energy charge directly into capacitor and carrying out the necessary actions at the critical point:

Activation CapaBooster charge


To top up the charges, go to the “Charges” section of the "Shop" and buy the needed amount:

Buy CapaBooster charges

To sum up, we’d like to focus your attention at the importance of capacitor booster. It is a must to have such a “battery” on board as almost any action you make, requires some energy. There’s no sense to start your space adventures without it, otherwise your spaceship will be useless.



Lock Amplifier

Technical design of this equipment allows optimizing the operation of sensors and reducing the time of target lock-on. To make the amplifier work properly, you need to activate it just before the target lock-on.

Why do you need a target lock-on? When locking-on the target, you get a number of benefits. It is possible to see the detailed info about the enemy’s ship, its flight path and open the fire using some certain types of weapons (laser gun, railotron and electromagnetic railgun weapon).

Go to the “Shop” and choose the “Sensors” section. Find the right type of amplifier and buy it:

Buy Lock Amplifier


The amplifier is designed to reduce the time of target lock-on. The more powerful is your amplifier, the less is the time spent for target lock-on. If we take as an example a Lock Amplifer t.Co installed to the “Corvette” spaceship class, the target lock-on time will decrease by 80%. The time of target lock-on on the spaceships of “Battleship” class will decrease by 130%.

While the process of lock-on is going on, you need to keep the target within the scanner radius. The time of target lock-on depends on the scanner power and ship signature you are trying to capture.

The operating principle of amplifier is rather simple. First you need to activate it in battle (we recommend to do it at the very beginning of the battle, so that capacitor energy has enough time to be restored):

Activation Lock Amplifier

To activate the lock-on amplifier press Shift + 1, 2, 3… (depending on equipment slot number).

Note: The larger is the object, the easier it can be locked on.

Success lock

Each lock-on amplifier activation requires an individual charge. If you need to reuse the amplifier, activate it beforehand.



EMP generator

When activating this device you generate electromagnetic pulse aimed to escape a target lock-on. The released pulse requires large amount of energy and also neutralizes the targets you’ve locked on.

Go to the “Shop” and choose the “Sensors” section. Find the right type of electromagnetic pulse generator and buy it:

Buy EMP generator

Constantly escaping from being locked on and keeping other players on the safe distance (not letting them approach on the lock-on distance) will make you invulnerable to the enemies using such weapons as laser gun, railotron and electromagnetic railgun weapon

Here you can see the animated usage of electromagnetic pulse generator:

Activation EMP generator

Advice: starting a battle, you should always try to keep your electromagnetic pulse generator ready to use.