By now, all additional equipment for the slots level III is on the stage of development.

The only equipment available is shield extender:

Shield Extender Shield Extender;

Such additional equipment is usually passive i.e. it doesn’t need activation in battle

Note: As an example we’ve taken the additional equipment available for installation to the slots of ‘Corvette’ spaceship class.



Shield Extender

This is an additional power module connected to the ship generator of basic protective field aimed to increase its efficiency. Such equipment can increase the density of protective field but has a number of minuses: excess weight, enlarged target signature and increased energy consumption.

Go to the “Shop” to buy additional equipment for installation to the slots of the level III. It will be marked as follows:

Buy Shield Extender

In other words, shield extender is meant to increase your ship protective field by certain amount of points.


Note: The higher is the spaceship class, the more bonuses you will get from using the shield extender.

Keep in mind that along with protective field density growth the target signature of your ship will grow as well.

If desired, the pilot can install shield extenders to all available slots level III. The number of slots depends on the spaceship class, e.g. Fates, the reconnaissance ship of “Battleship” class has the most of III level equipment slots.

Battleship Fates: configurator.

As you can see, it is possible to install six shield extenders to this type of ship and thereby increase the density of protective field to 48 000 points!

At first sight the importance of such an upgrade is immense, but when you look at the detailed equipment characteristics in the “Shop” section, you’ll easily see its reverse side:

Info: Shield Extender

Excess ship signature — your ship will increase in size and become an easy target, and thereby will be locked-on much faster. Your shield will get more damage from the well-aimed fire of laser guns.

Increased power consumption — In case the consumption of energy produced by generator reaches the critical point, your ship will be de-energized and your further flight will be impossible.

Increased load on the computer — The on-board computer is responsible for simultaneous processing the whole set of installed equipment. The excessive amount of equipment can lead to the increased load on CPU and its breakdown, just as in the case of ship de-energizing caused by increased energy consumption.


There are two ways to deal with the problem of overload:

  • — to dismantle unnecessary equipment; 
  • — to buy more powerful on-board computer or generator in the Shop (if your ship supports its installation);  

To read about spaceship classification and equipment compatibility visit the Spaceship Library.