Spaceship classification

Spaceships with the same combat targets and main armament form a class. The subclass consists of the same-class spaceships that vary in specialization, naval architecture, design details and technology intensiveness.

Spaceship class — is the category which a certain spaceship belongs to. Such categorization is done in accordance with classification and construction rules of ship-classification societies.

Each class unites the spaceships with a particular combination of firepower and speed characteristics, factor of safety and hull armor thickness.


Classification schedule

Symbol Ship class Image
Corvette Corvette Jiaotu S4 Vesper Volos Storm
Frigate Frigate Suanni S97 Vejovis Simargl Typhoon
Destroyer Destroyer Yaczi 114 Mors Dazhbog Tornado
Cruiser Cruiser Chichou A-316 Caelus Hors Avalanche
Battle Cruiser Battle Cruiser Tao-Tie A-416 Morta Perun Tsunami
Battle Ship Battle ship Pulao 545 Fates Viy Drizzle


Corvettes form the popular class of high-speed maneuvering ships often used for space reconnaissance operations and combat missions as well. Formed in a group these ships can conduct missions of enemies’ operational detection and lock-on assistance.

Frigates belong to the most technically diverse class of war ships. Due to their relatively low-cost operation and impressive performance characteristics, this class of ships has quickly captured the market. Frigates are not recommended for single flights, but when formed into air flights they can defeat even the most formidable enemies.

Destroyers appeared as a result of the weakness of Frigates in space battles with Hunters. The developers concentrated their efforts on increasing firepower through the weapon slots enlargement. Due to the high combat potential, these ships were considered to be the best offensive class of ships for a long time.

Cruisers form the class of medium-sized support ships. The need to construct such type of ship aroused when the defending forces of Earthmen began to sustain enormous losses under the pressure of enemies, without a proper cover. Except of being a reliable shield for the Earth fleet, Cruisers can also combat with small-sized ships, merchant vessels and ensure the proper support fire in flanks.

Battle cruisers are the large-sized battleships of the Earth fleet. Protracted battles on the periphery of the Solar system forced Hunters to change its offensive tactics. Their new battleships could easily cope with the armor of our cruisers, and firepower of destroyers was not so effective as before.
The developments of our scientists and technologies of Informers made it possible to start construction of a new generation of ships. Battle cruisers have high combat potential and modernized armor layer that protects it from a dense fire of enemies. Nevertheless, they need a reliable rear support as their rear hemisphere armor is too weak.

Battleships form the class of large-sized armored battleships. It is the Earth hope for victory. They are considered as the most technically advanced ships in the history of shipbuilding. During its construction, the developers and engineers have succeeded in achieving the maximum compromise between many factors such as: armament, speed and armor.
These ships are able to carry out military missions far from home and for a long time, remaining a self-sufficient combat unit. Battleship can be also used as a mining vessel. Large hold capacity and proper armament make it possible to try mineral extraction even in the most remote corners of the Solar system.