The main equipment installed on board


Basic equipment is the key element which makes ship's flight possible. Each unit is unique and can only be replaced with more powerful equipment (If it can be set to the ship).

Note: The equipment available for installation in «Corvette» was given as an example.



Capacitor t.CoCapacitor is able to accumulate a large amount of energy and give it up on demand, in high volumes for short periods of time. Its energy restoration is carried out by means of active generator. Capacitor design and construction material also affect the charging speed and gross capacity.


Shield t.CoThe main function of electromagnetic shield is to provide the operational defence of spaceship's armor and hull from environment. The shield capacity can be recovered after damage if connected to the generator.

Armor plate

Armor plate t.CoThe high-strength protective layer is manufactured using cutting-edge technology that improves design reliability. It can also protect spaceship structural integrity from damage upon contacting alien space objects but it increases the total mass.

Cruise engine

Cruise engine t.CoCruise engine provides the necessary thrust force by converting potential energy of fuel into kinetic energy of mass carrier jet. These engines are distinguished by engine power and damage probability during the battle.

Maneuvering engine

Maneuvering engine t.CoThe engine designed for a spaceship manoeuvering near space objects. Such engines consume high-energy plasma produced by reactor that allows altering the spaceship's course swiftly.


Generator t.CoThe function of generator is performed by a thermonuclear reactor, where the energy is produced by a controlled, self-sustaining thermonuclear synthesis. Such a generator can produce electricity enough to supply all spaceship systems. Sometimes, advanced equipment may require more energy than generator can produce.


Link t.CoIt is a high-speed system of operational communication through encrypted channel. The technology of transmitter used in this system allows relaying tactical data to allies e.g.: visible region, information about enemy objects. It can also help to lock-on enemy's ship.


Scanner t.CoScanner is able to detect camouflaged and low-observable objects depending on the distance of their location. It has a variety of technological constructions that allow to lock-on several active targets within the radius of action.


OBC t.CoOn-board computer allows receiving and processing information from all spaceship local operation centres. OBC has a built-in system of charge control that influences capacitor energy recovery.