We are not alone in the Universe!

They gave us the technology for space exploration, but warned of the need to leave the Earth forever.

From now on, it's all in our hands.

The survival of humanity — this is our reason for war, our CASUS BELLI !

Star pilots will rise shoulder to shoulder in defence of the Earth!


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Solar System's Map

Now the map of the solar system will always be on hand at each pilot! Get latest version to your ship computer...

2014-01-24 09:14:05

Game world history

... We did away with the alien over Alaska in the early morning at 4.20. He got two our missiles right into maw (belly). It was too late - everyone thought that it was new Russian or Chinese weapon, but the convoluted path and an unbelievable jumpings. Well, then followed crazy messages from Russian, one worse than the other one. As it turned out they had the same panic reigned. The first rocke...

2013-05-20 19:22:46